I’m just a girl who often finds herself
standing in front of music – believing it to be the source of life

Girl in the Crowd is ALL things music; from the good to the bad, the ugly,
The bouncy, the weird, the nostalgic and the wonderful – all of it.

I post regularly about live music and album reviews, ones to watch, people to avoid and a ‘Rewind’ section which will resurrect forgotten tracks, and look into the thought processes and talent behind some of the worlds most loved
(and sometimes unknown) music.

I am a self-confessed music addict; I listen to everything. I’ve been studying music for 18 years across all areas including, but not limited to; writing, composing, arrangement, live performance, analysing music
psychology, music promotion, intellectual copyright, contract law and sound engineering.

Music is my first love and remains my addiction today.
I have a curious mind when it comes to music. It intrigues me to know what determines one person’s taste and musical preference from another, what effect it has on our mind and body; the science of performance and of
course the enjoyment and sense of fulfilment we all experience while experiencing it.

My tiny dancing feet have graced many dance floors; from gigs to raves, mountains and caves. I am my most happy when in the presence of live music and excellent sound systems.

I want to share my experiences, knowledge, opinions and deep love of music with other like minded people and probably also for my old soul, to look back on and never forget that I believe I was put on this planet to study, understand and more importantly ENJOY music. It’s what connects us as humans. To me, music is the universal language of the soul!

I will be reviewing every live music event I go to, as well as reviewing albums and EP’s from ‘The Music Bloggers Network’, as well as interviewing knowledgeable people in the industry to get inside their minds – bringing you an insight into what goes on inside talented musicians heads.

The blog will also contain my take on industry news and what’s going on at popular places, as well as a favourite topic of mine – delving into the world of Subcultures and Scenes.

I hope you find something you’ve never heard before that you soon have stuck on repeat!

The Girl in the Crowd

#MusicisLife #DanceOn

Twitter: @MariaCountMeIn

Insta: _GirlInTheCrowd